Friends Breakfast




Friends visiting guests at Aloha Boutique Hotel can enjoy breakfast too!

Our morning Vegan Breakfast Buffet includes vegan, gluten-free pastries such as banana bread, mini-cream pies, muffins, bread pudding, hearty breakfast cookies, etc., savory, high-protein, vegan entree served with homemade, locally harvested salsa, toast, fresh fruits recently, locally harvested, fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges recently picked on a farm nearby, smoothies made with fresh fruit and cashew yogurt, homemade granola served with your choice: cashew yogurt, cashew milk, oat milk or coconut milk, coffee and tea bar with wide selection of roasts and teas, including Hawaiian coffee beans, coconut water harvested from our own coconut trees and creamy raisin & cinnamon oatmeal, green banana flour waffles served with strawberry compote and coconut cream or savory it up with sausage gravy and greens.